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Neoncity Records

'Neoncity Delights!' Tape + Cassette Player Bundle

'Neoncity Delights!' Tape + Cassette Player Bundle

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Neoncity Records 7th Anniversary Compilation Album

Cassette tape
- Full-color reversible j-card
- Holographic Sticker
- Ships in around 4 weeks
Cassette player
- Stereo sound
- Auto reverse
- 3.5mm headphone jack
- Tape to MP3/WAV converting function (PC/ MAC required)
- Battery or USB powered (2* AA, not included)

1.Skule Toyama - Sexy Time
2.Macross 82-99 - Love 4 You
3.Luanmer - Daydream (feat. Zai Kowen)
4.Neon Vectors - The Way U Make Me Feel
5.Strawberry Station - Future Funk 21
6.Desired - Creamimami
7.Zai Kowen - Dawn Rest

8.Night Tempo - Big City Night
9.Android52 - Eternal Groove
10.Vantage - Must B Love
11.Superflat - Sodaflat
12.ev.exi - Mode
13.Neko Milkshake - Distance
14.Tanuki - Flashback

Ships in around 5 weeks

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